The Elephant In the Room Is Laughing
A Facilitator Looks at Humor’s Impact on Organizational and Group Process

The Power of Story
A Treasury of Story Telling Activities to Unleash the Current and Future Capability of Your Group

Selling With Improv
Supercharge Sales Success though Innovative Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Spontaneous Reaction & Goal Orientation Skills.

Practiced Spontaneity
Enhance Leadership, Teamwork, and Communication through Improvisation Theater Skills

Becoming Light-Hearted
Managing Stress & Change through Humor

The Heart Behind the Chart
The Importance of Humor for Cancer Survivors, Friends, Family, & Caregivers

Communication Across the Ages
A Facilitated Cross Generational Dialogue

Accentuate the Positive
Transforming Negative Self Talk into Positive Thinking

Fostering Creativity
A Practical Workshop on Developing Creativity Techniques For Real Life Application

Facilitation: The Art of Helping Groups
Build Consensus, Maximize Participation, and Move Towards Action

Change Mastery
Helping Self & Others Become More Confident and Effective During Transitions