Practiced Spontaneity

Enhanced Leadership, Teamwork, and Communication through Improvisation Theater Skills:

We all need to be nimble, confident and creative these days in order to personally thrive while inspiring others. Interestingly, the same is true of Improv Theater performers. In fact, the skills that make improvisers so successful are the same ones that make non-performers successful.

Improvisation theater games are deceptively powerful tools for enhancing our leadership, teaming and communication skills. The games invite participants to enter and embrace the unknown, relate to others without assumption or judgment, exist in a state of absolute and unconditional acceptance of what is offered, relish process as much as focusing on outcome and enjoy and value working with others.

In this entertaining, informative and immediately applicable program we’ll go behind the curtain and into the mind of improvisers and leave with ways to be more confident, spontaneous, and balanced people.