Change Mastery

Helping Self & Others Becoming More Confident and Effective During Transitions

Times of change often feel chaotic because we experience disruption in the normal flow of our lives. The more significant the change, the more likely we are to suffer stress and resist the new process. At the same time, organizations expect people to adapt quickly to changes that will further accomplishment of their visions, goals, and strategies.

Ideally, we all need to become more adept at preparing for, responding to, and surviving change. Highly effective people are able to react positively to new realities, are driven to achieve desired outcomes, and to work cooperatively to react conflict and reach agreement.

Surprisingly, the foundational skills that are found in people who handle change most effectively also are present in improv theatre players— such as the ability to generate new ideas; be comfortable with suspending judgment, incorporate changes quickly and easily; and communicate constructively, consistently, and proactively. Both groups of people rely on a foundation of flexibility, creativity, and spontaneity.

The goal of this program is to assist participants in understanding who they are, why they do what they do, and how they can help themselves and others deal with the on-going transformation of the organization. Whether your role involves leading or participating in change, you’ll benefit from this opportunity to learn how to embrace—or perhaps even relish—change.