Accentuate the Positive

Transforming Negative Self Talk into Positive Thinking

Self Talk is the “ongoing dialogue we have with ourselves that determines our view of the world.” Our behavior, therefore, is not in response to WHAT happens to us. Rather, it is in response to what we BELIEVE is happening. That’s why two people can be sitting next to each other experiencing a turbulent plane ride and one fears the plane will crash and the other is enjoying a roller coaster ride.

By learning to tune in to what we say to ourselves, (both consciously and unconsciously) we enhance our power to navigate our internal logjams in order to emerge more confident, spontaneous and effective. This entertaining, informative and practical session will help you understand how self-talk works, how you can change negative self talk to positive and how you can better understand other people’s drives and intentions. Participants will:

1.    Be able to redirect their self-talk in a more confident, positive and effective direction

2.    Understand the connection of stress to self-talk

3.    Know how to determine what they can control in a situation.