Selling With Improv

Supercharge Sales Success through Innovative Thinking, Creative Problem Solving, Spontaneous Reaction & Goal Orientation Skills. 

If you’ve ever seen “Whose Line is it Anyway?” on TV or any Improv theater group, you have witnessed the hilarious entertainment but more amazingly, the gift of “thinking on their feet” these performers have. Turns out, the skills that make improvisers successful are also sales success skills. This session is all about sharing the techniques and skills used in the performance art of improv and applying them to sales and selling. For all attendees the experience is designed to helping you become a better and more influential communicator in business and life’s relationships.


  1. Describe how Improv theater techniques help drive sales success.
  2. Define 10 forms of negative self-talk that hinder personal and sales success.
  3. Apply at least 2 Improv activities to real world sales call situation.