The Power of Story

A Treasury of Story Telling Activities to Unleash the Current and Future Capability of Your Group

What is a story? At its core, a story is about conflict between expectation and reality, imbalance and oposing forces. Sort of like a meeting or team or organization! That’s why there is always a problem to be solved in a story. Both professionals & storytellers use story to address these opposing forces in our groups.

Experience the power of a variety of ways to tell a story with more than just words. Turn over a new page in your learning to find the passion and purpose that lives inside out stories that can help us better serve our clients, colleagues, and our organizations. leave with new activities and new insights into how to incorporate these stories in your personal and professional life.

  1. To describe and understand a variety of story-telling structures and formats
  2. To explain how story-telling helps groups navigate their way around process obstacles
  3. To share stories with others
  4. To discover ways in which story-telling can help you better serve the needs of your clients, colleagues, and organizations