Lawyers as Improvisers? Is That an Oxymoron?


I’m researching an article based on the premise that the skills and practices that make Improv performers successful are relevant and applicable to lawyers. For example, both: need to stay focused on small bits of information while seeing the desired end-result; co-create narrative from disparate points of view; understand how empathy develops in an audience; trust a process to move forward while navigating unexpected outcomes.

If you are a lawyer, work with lawyers, in a relationship with a lawyer, seen them on TV or movies, or have engaged lawyers and taken or seen Improv, I would love to hear how your Improv training/experience might help or hinder the practice of law. If you haven’t seen it or taken classes, what is your gut reaction to my belief that “Applying Improv practices to lawyer skill-sets can be very useful.”?

Any thoughts or questions are very welcome!!!  You may also email me directly at  Thank you.


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