Becoming the Leader You’d Like to Follow

Becoming the Leader You’d Like to Follow

3 Results of Using Applied Improv as a Leadership Practice Becoming an effective leader is a challenging process, even in the best of times. Trying to map a success route from the myriad overlapping or contradictory leadership theories is like being on a journey where your GPS changes routes every few miles. Instead of looking … Read more

Not Just For Laughs: 4 Social Functions of Humor in Our Lives

I’ve been studying humor for a long time. It’s a fascinating subject that is a universal human trait, both highly esteemed and easily dismissed.  My first realization that humor was more than just a descriptor for something funny came in a comedy writing and performing class I took in NYC. There I learned that comedy … Read more

Living with PAT- Presence, Acceptance, and Trust

At its core, Improv is a set of practices designed to enable practitioners to exist in a universe that is constantly in flux.  It offers a way of being that requires mindfulness, self-awareness, self-confidence, cooperation, creativity, compersion, curiosity, optimism. That universe has traditionally been contained in a theater, a world constructed on “make-believe.” Applied Improv … Read more

It’s Not the Improv, It’s the Improvisor

Last blog looked at the growing use of Applied Improv, described as the adaptation of Improv theater principles and practices to a wide-ranging and expanding variety of non-theatrical situations. I call Applied Improv the “Type O” of skillsets because of its universal usefulness. The evidence for its range comes from my Google Alert which is … Read more